Join us

Come and train with us. a local friendly club with a reputation for developing great practitioners. Sifu with over 25 years training in Wing Chun & 35 years in many other martial disciplines.  Our program has been developed to get results fast! If you dedicate yourself to practice with us at least once a week you will attain a high level of skill quickly.

We are open for training every Wednesday and Friday from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

We now have two rooms available with training in different disciplines taking place. Choose your training from anti-grappling (Qin Na), Fitness Workout (Padwork) and weapons training, Wing Chun form and function and traditional training.

Monthly fee of £40.00 covers all classes.  Email to book a free trial. There is a Joining fee of £40.00 to cover equipment costs.

*Please note we only accept students aged 18 and over.


What do you want to learn?

You must be clear about your intention when learning a fighting skill. Your first goal will be to learn to create solid defensive skills. Your second goal, to learn to develop realistic offensive skills, and then to combine them. Good defensive skill will give you greater opportunity to escape a conflict situation, good offensive skill will give you greater opportunity to end a conflict situation.

“Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu”