Looking to train a new Martial Art? Know about Wing Chun and want to get involved? Come and train with us. a local friendly club with a reputation for developing great practitioners. Sifu with over 25 years training in Wing Chun & 35 years in many other martial disciplines.  Our program has been developed to get results fast! If you dedicate yourself to practice with us at least once a week you will attain a high level of skill.

We are NOW open for training every Monday/ Wednesday and Friday from 6.45pm – 8.15pm.

We now have two rooms available with training in different disciplines taking place. Choose your training from anti-grappling (Qin Na), Fitness Workout (Padwork) and weapons training, Wing Chun form and function and traditional training.

Monthly fee of £35.00 covers all classes.  Email wusaoman@yahoo.co.uk to book a free trial. There is a Joining fee of £40 to cover equipment costs and includes your  club T shirt and first sash.

Please note our classes have a focused and mature atmosphere, we work hard. We will expect your attendance at least once a week if you intend to progress.

Friday night classes application based, weapons and joint manipulation.

*Please note we only accept students aged 18 and over.

You will not find more qualified instruction in Wing Chun Kung Fu within Lincolnshire, train with the best.