Having trained in Martial Arts for over 30 years, Wing Chun for 25 of those years, under his guidance,  you will work on information and training methods that cannot be disputed,  have true function and work in the real world of combat. Having questioned his understanding and the understanding of others for many years, Sifu Kokkorakis now offers a method of teaching and progression that is second to none. The system he teaches is based on realistic application of technique for self preservation, what he teaches, works for real. Over the last 15 years Sifu has taught hundreds of students, among those Professional Soldiers, Body Guards and Police Officers and is endorsed by them all.


Sifu Kokkorakis interpretation of the Ip Man Wing Chun system is based on the information made available not only from Grandmaster Ip Man but his direct senior students, including Master Wong Shun Leung, Master Tsui Shun Ting, Master Moy Yat, Master Duncan Leung, Master Ip Chun, Master Ip Ching and all there senior instructors efforts to evolve the system or reveal its deeper meaning.

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