Personal training is tailored to your specific goals, whatever you wish to work on we will create a personalised training plan and begin working on realistic targets for you to achieve. Personal training can be arranged at your home or office.

I had been training at the Lincoln Ving Tsun Academy for a nearly a year and have been very impressed at the quality of teaching I have received and how much I have learned.  The instructors depth of knowledge and clear instruction is excellent. I have made significant progress in both empty hands and weapons training since starting at the UMAA. Training takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, one where everyone just gets on with the training. I’ve now gone on to train privately as this suits my work schedule. S O’Reilly. Former Paratrooper.

“I’ve never studied any kind of Martial Arts previously, and envied those that could effortlessly control the hostile actions of aggressors and imagined that I too might be able to mimic those skills I’d seen in action movies! The gap between my ambition and my skill however was severely prevalent when joining the Lincoln Ving Tsun Academy. Under the guidance of the LVTA coach, I was able to better understand the subtle nuances of fighting arts and specifically the Wing Chun Kuen System. I quickly became aware of its sublime efficiency and effectivness against those with..or without skills in other fighting arts. The Principles of the system are expertly explained . Sifu Jason demonstrates a unique ability to explain complex movements easily, breaking them down and explaining the steps so even a child can understand.  Highly recommended”. N. Ashworth. Naval Officer.

10 Sessions Pre Paid = £700 at your Home or Office. 

Please note, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given when cancelling a personal training session. Email with your requirements.  All block booked Lessons must be used up within a six month period from the date booked or you will lose those lessons. Travelling expenses apply for bookings outside Lincoln area.  Group training for other martial arts clubs is available on request.